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[Kiali] Flesh out how to access the Kiali Console


      The information on how to access the Kiali console is somewhat hidden in the current docs.


      Change the heading to make it clearer that this topic documents how to access the console.

      Flesh out how various user roles (mesh administrator, service administrator, developer) can discover the URL for the Kiali console.

      (how to find the URL to get to the Kiali console - list is old and needs to be updated)

      • Installed Operators > Kiali Operator > Kiali > Kiali Details > Resources > Route > Location = Link
      • Networking > Routes> search Kiali route (Location = Link)
      • CLI = oc get routes
      • Link from the UI  In the Launcher section, click Kiali.

      Also mention something about what you will see in the Kiali console:

      • Only see namespaces that have been added to the mesh
      • Only see namespaces that you have permission to see (for example, might not see the istio-system/infrastructure)


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