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[OCP 4.11] Document that ServiceMeshExtenson doesn't work


      Early testing against OCP 4.11 has discovered a bug (OSSM-1505) where ServiceMeshExtension doesn't work.  This needs to be added to the Release Notes as a Known Issue, but not until OCP 4.11 goes GA on August 3.

      This means that:

      • Customers using ServiceMeshExtension on 4.10 will break when they upgrade to 4.11
      • 3Scale customers will break unless they upgrade to the WasmPlugin (the migration path has not yet been documented by OSSMDOC-551)

      Note that ServiceMeshExtension has been Deprecated, the problem here is that it's broken before we're supposed to be removing support, and before we have a documented migration away from it.

      From conversation on Slack 6/23/22


      • 2.1.3 branch -  Implemented as Tech Preview  (we generally do not document tech preview features)
      • 2.2 branch - Implemented as Tech Preview, but broken as a regression (OSSM-1668), so document as Known Issue in RN
      • 2.2.1 branch -  Will be moved from Tech Preview to fully supported in SMCP.  


      From program call 6/27/22

      • ServiceMeshExtension fails to work on OpenShift 4.11
      • Recommend documenting as a known issue - won’t fix
      • OSSM version details
        • 2.0 - feature was tech preview - no issue
        • 2.1 - feature is supported, no workaround exists
        • 2.2 - feature is supported, but deprecated, workaround is to use WasmPlugin

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