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Restarting istiod causes Kiali to flood CRI-O with port-forward requests


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      • When we try to delete the istiod pod it is not getting started and crio process utilizes more memory/CPU resources.
      • And we are getting the below error on the crio logs:
        Dec 08 12:24:30 w0-d-vulcan.vpintra.net crio[1794]: time="2022-12-08 12:24:30.192185030Z" level=error msg="error forwarding port 8080 to pod f2c8eb676cf6c0df1fbd7af786f41d93cadaa5e788376eefb4f641ec4a5e2cc7, uid : port forward into network namespace \"/var/run/netns/42f74574-04d8-4c61-b1a1-872241cbcbca\": failed to connect to localhost:8080 inside namespace f2c8eb676cf6c0df1fbd7af786f41d93cadaa5e788376eefb4f641ec4a5e2cc7: dial tcp [::1]:8080: connect: connection refused\n"
      • If we delete the kiali pod, then istiod pod is getting started immediately
      • After starting the istiod pod if we do the istiod POD deletion within a few minutes it's getting started without any issue but if we after 20 to 30 minutes the issue reoccurs.
      • This issue is occurs specifically on 2.2.4 version.
      • We tried to reproduce the issue in our lab environment but we cant able to reproduce it.

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