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Federation: not possible to export services with long names


    • Sprint 58 - week 2 and 3, Sprint 59

      When trying to export a service with a long service name and/or namespace name it fails with a `invalid gateway name` error in the istiod logs.

      2022-02-16T14:23:05.148253Z error federation error creating resources for exported service productpage-rest-private.mesh1-bookinfo.svc.cluster.local => productpage-rest-private.bookinfo.svc.mesh2-exports.local: error creating Gateway resource: invalid gateway name: "federation-exports-mesh2-productpage-rest-private-mesh1-bookinfo" component=federation-server mesh=mesh2

      The gateway being generated seems to go through validation and fails because of the total length (64 chars in above example).

      If the service is recreated with a shorter name the export is successful.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Generated resource names never exceed a set character limit (also check other resources than Gateway!)
      • Unit tests

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