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Provide a logs collection mechanism for OSP 18


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      Original description from OSP-19942

      OpenStack has the ability to collect logs via rsyslog and has the ability to transport that data via omelasticsearch plugin for storage. In the future an interface to writing logs into a central logging store is desired by customers in order to avoid segmentation of data. This goes against our unified observability vision.

      The target data store is most like Loki, possibly via Vector into OpenShift Logging. Exposure of these logging bits for alerting and visibility is desired.

      On the OpenStack side we need to determine how to collect data, which data to collect, resolution of the data, and how we'll transport the data securely to a central data store, and ultimately make the data visible.

      TODO: identify data collection model, data transport, and data storage domain. Identify work task required. Target for OCP 4.14 in order to start allowing testing and support for RHOSP 18.0. Identify any items required for podified control plane interfaces as well as director-based solutions.

      Updated description:


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