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openshift-install should configure User-Agent


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      openshift-install makes many calls to OpenStack APIs when installing OpenShift on OpenStack. Currently all of these calls use the same default User-Agent header gophercloud/x.y.z, where x.y.z is the version of the gophercloud that openshift-install was built with.

      Keystone logs the User-Agent string, as do other OpenStack services, and it can provide important information about who is interacting with the cloud. As recently seen in OCPBUGS-14049, it can also be useful when debugging issues with components.

      We should configure the User-Agent header for openshift-install and all other OpenShift components that talk to OpenStack APIs.

            sfinucan@redhat.com Stephen Finucane
            sfinucan@redhat.com Stephen Finucane
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