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Add variable volumeType in Installer


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    • ShiftStack Sprint 237, ShiftStack Sprint 238, ShiftStack Sprint 239

      • add the JSON array controlPlane.platform.openstack.rootVolume.types (notice the "s") in install-config (this is an API addition)
      • add validation to prevent both rootVolume.type and rootVolume.types to be set
      • add validation to ensure that if a variable field (compute availability zones, storage availability zones, root volume types) have more than one value, they have equal length
      • change Machine generation to vary rootVolume.volumeType according to the machine-pool rootVolume.types
      • instrument the Terraform code to apply variable volume types

            emacchi@redhat.com Emilien Macchi
            pprinett@redhat.com Pierre Prinetti
            Emilien Macchi, Pierre Prinetti
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