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Sharing best practices/reusable patterns/code developed for OKD on SCOS with OCP team


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      This task is created to inventorise the reusable patterns/best practices and code developed as part of OKD on SCOS MVP and sharing with broader OCP teams.

      Example: Tekton pipelines work might be relevant for ART/DPTP or HACBS initiative

      This task can be closed when we can have point to the OCP teams to a location where such artefacts are documented for them to explore. (Sudha P would be a great contact for discussion with ART/DPTP teams and Vikas Laas can connect us with HACBS team. HACBS team rolls up to Anurag Agarwal in Jim Moran's org)

      cc: mkrejci-1 cglombekafogarol@redhat.com rhn-support-vgaikwad

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