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Discover and install RHDH from OpenShift console


    • Discover and install RHDH from OpenShift console
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    • OCPSTRAT-838 - Provide discoverability about RHDH
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    • OCPSTRAT-838Provide discoverability about RHDH
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      Cluster admins need to be guided to install RHDH on the cluster.


      Enable admins to discover RHDH, be guided to installing it on the cluster, and verifying its configuration.

      Why is it important?

      RHDH is a key multi-cluster offering for developers. This will enable customers to self-discover and install RHDH.

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. Show RHDH card in Admin->Dashboard view
      2. Enable link to RHDH documentation from the card
      3. Quick start to install RHDH operator
      4. Guided flow to installation and configuration of operator from Quick Start
      5. RHDH UI link in top menu
      6. Successful log in to RHDH

      Dependencies (External/Internal):

      RHDH operator

      Design Artifacts:



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