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Show the latest Build status in the Build list view


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      As a user, I want to see the latest build status in the Build list similar to Pipelines.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Create a custom row component for OpenShift BuildConfigs (in dev-console) and show the latest OpenShift Build status for the related BuildConfig.
        1. Add a "Status" filter similar to SW BuildRuns
      2. Update the existing custom row component for Shipwright Builds (in shipwright-plugin) and show the latest Shipwright BuildRun status for the related Build. Remove/replace the current Output/Status columns.
        1. Update the "Status" filter and replace it with one similar to SW BuildRuns.
      3. Both list views should show the same columns: 
        1. Name
        2. Namespace – only in admin perspective when all namespace is selected
        3. Last run
        4. Last run status
        5. Last run time
        6. Last run duration
      4. Create/update e2e tests for both list views, also if the shipwright-plugin tests runs currently not as part of our CI job.

      Additional Details:

      SW samples: https://github.com/openshift/console/tree/master/frontend/packages/shipwright-plugin/samples

      The shipwright-plugin contains already code to render a status, age, and duration. Ptal: https://github.com/openshift/console/tree/master/frontend/packages/shipwright-plugin/src/components


      For Pipelines we switched later from a "getting the related PipelineRuns for each row" to a more performant solution that "loads all PipelineRuns' and then filter them on the client side. See https://github.com/openshift/console/pull/12071 - Expect that we should do this here similar.

      When multiple rows request the same API (get all PipelineRuns) our useK8sResource hook is smart enough to make just one API call.

      To find all OpenShift Builds for one OpenShift BuildConfig they need to be filtered by the label openshift.io/build-config.name=build.metadata.name

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