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[4.13] Improved telemetry (provide new metrics via insight)



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      This epic has 3 main goals

      1. Improve segment implementation so that we can easily enable additional telemetry pieces (hotjar, etc) for particular cluster types (starting with sandbox, maybe expanding to RHPDS). This will help us better understand where errors and drop off occurs in our trial and workshop clusters, thus being able to (1) help conversion and (2) proactively detect issues before they are "reported" by customers.
      2. Improve telemetry so we can START capturing console usage across the fleet
      3. Additional improvements to segment, to enable proper gathering of user telemetry and analysis


      Currently we have no accurate telemetry of usage of the OpenShift Console across all clusters in the fleet. We should be able to utilize the auth and console telemetry to glean details which will allow us to get a picture of console usage by our customers.

      Acceptance criteria

      Let's do a spike to validate, and possibly have to update this list after the spike:

      Need to verify HOW do we define a cluster Admin -> Listing all namespaces in a cluster? Install operators? Make sure that we consider OSD cluster admins as well (this should be aligned with how we send people to dev perspective in my mind)

      Capture additional information via console plugin ( and possibly the auth operator )

      1. Average number of users per cluster
      2. Average number of cluster admin users per cluster
      3. Average number of dev users per cluster
      4. Average # of page views across the fleet
      5. Average # of page views per perspective across the fleet
      6. # of cluster which have disabled the admin perspective for any users
      7. # of cluster which have disabled the dev perspective for any users
      8. # of cluster which have disabled the “any” perspective for any users
      9. # of clusters which have plugin “x” installed
      10. Total number of unique users across the fleet
      11. Total number of cluster admin users across the fleet
      12. Total number of developer users across the fleet

      Dependencies (External/Internal):

      Understanding how to capture telemetry via the console operator



      We have removed the following ACs for this release:

      1. (p2) Average total active time spent per User in console (per cluster for all users)
        1. per Cluster Admins
        2. per non-Cluster Admins
      2. (p2) Average active time spent in Dev Perspective [implies we can calculate this for admin perspective]
        1. per Cluster Admins
        2. per non-Cluster Admins-
      3. (p3) Average # of times they change the perspective (per cluster for all users)


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