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Configure pipelines-as-code repo on Git import


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      As a developer, I want the pipeline included in my repo (pipeline-as-code) to be configured automatically when I import my application from Git in dev console, so that I can import my application to OpenShift in one go.

      Currently the developer would have an extra BuildConfig or pipeline generated for them which are not needed if they have already a pipeline in their Git repo. They also have to import their Git repo once more through the pipeline views in order to configure pipelines-as-code for the pipeline that already exists in their repo.

      Why is it important?

      Reduce the extra steps for onboarding an application from Git repo which already has pipeline-as-code in their repo (e.g. re-importing the application from a different cluster).

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. When developer imports an application from Git in Dev Console, if a pipeline exists in the .tekton directory, pipeline-as-code gets configured for that application
        1. No buildconfig should be created for the app
        2. "Add pipelineline" checkbox should NOT be displayed in the import form

      Dependencies (External/Internal):

      Design Artifacts:



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