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Update user in topology and add flow if Quotas has been reached in a namespace


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    • ODC Sprint 223, ODC Sprint 224


      As a user, I would like to be informed in an intuitive way,  when quotas have been reached in a namespace

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Show an alert banner on the Topology and add page for this project/namespace when there is a RQ (Resource Quota) / ACRQ (Applied Cluster Resource Quota) issue
        PF guideline: https://www.patternfly.org/v4/components/alert/design-guidelines#using-alerts 
      2. The above alert should have a CTA link to the search page with all RQ, ACRQ and if there is just one show the details page for the same
      3. For RQ, ACRQ list view show one more column called status with details as shown in the project view.

      Additional Details:


      Refer below for more details 

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