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Hide resource type section in import flows by default


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    • openshift-4.12
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    • ODC Sprint 224, ODC Sprint 225


      As a user, I want the resource type section to be hidden by default and also provide an option to change resource type when needed.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Refactor import flows `Resource Section` and convert it into a select dropdown with item descriptions same as the resource type dropdown shown in the user-prefs application page. Refer PR adding Resource type dropdown on the User preferences application page - https://github.com/openshift/console/pull/11833
      2. Move the `Resource Section` to the advanced options so that it is hidden by default and user can open it if they want to change the resource type.

      Additional Details:

      Patternfly component to be used - https://patternfly-react.surge.sh/components/dropdown#dropdown-with-descriptions

      SelectInputField can be used in the Resource Section

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