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Dev Console Usability Improvements [4.11]


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      This epic covers a number of customer requests(RFEs) as well as increases usability.

      Why is it important?

      Customer satisfaction as well as improved usability.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Allow user to re-arrange the resources which have ben added to nav by the user
      2. Improved user experience (form based experience)
        1. Form based editing of Routes
        2. Form based creation and editing of Config Maps
        3. Form base creation of Deployments
      3. Improved discovery
        1. Include Share my project on the Add page to increase discoverability
        2. NS Helm Chart Repo
          1. Add tile to Add page for discoverability
          2. Provide a form driven creation experience
          3. User should be able to switch back and forth from Form/YAML
          4. change the intro text to the below & have the link in the intro text bring up the full page form
            1. Browse for charts that help manage complex installations and upgrades. Cluster administrators can customize the content made available in the catalog. Alternatively, developers can try to configure their own custom Helm Chart repository.

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