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Web terminal - unified console support


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      Multi-cluster support for Web Terminal


      As part of the OpenShift Hybrid Console deliverables, the following updates need to be made:

      • Any backend service that talks directly to the API server will need to be updated so that it can handle talking to different clusters
      • Any backend service that uses the console service account to make requests that normal users can’t could be problematic (for instance, getting CRDs)
      • Identify how Web Terminal is impacted with this hub/spoke cluster approach
      • Provide a solid e2e experience for admins and devs to be able to use Web Terminal on either the hub or any spoke clusters 

      Why is it important?

      Use cases:

      1. <case>

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. The console should function without error
      2. Web Terminal should be able to connect to any cluster in context in the console

      Dependencies (External/Internal):

      Design Artifacts:



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