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Create Shipwright Build detail page


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    • RHDP-320 - Integrated CI/CD experience with OpenShift platform
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    • ODC Sprint 219, ODC Sprint 220


      As a user, I want check my Shipwright Build and see all related BuildRuns in a second tab.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Create Shipwright Build detail page which shows multiple tabs:

      1. Detail tab with custom right hand side column (see below)
      2. YAML
      3. "Build Runs" with related resources filtered by label
      4. NO Environment tab in the first version
      5. Events tab only if events could be easily filtered by a label

      2. Show infos about the build (see https://shipwright.io/docs/api/build/) on the right hand side:

      1. No "Type", no Status
      2. "Strategy" as resource link (spec.strategy) to BuildStrategy or ClusterBuildStrategy
      3. "Git repository" (spec.source.url)
      4. "Context dir" (spec.source.contextDir) if defined
      5. "Dockerfile" (spec.dockerfile) if defined
      6. "Builder image" (spec.builder.image, a docker.io image name for example)
      7. "Credentials" as Secret resource link (spec.source.credentials)
      8. "Output to" (spec.output.image, an URL)
        1. If image URL links to the internal registry, link the ImageStream
        2. If not, show the URL as string
      9. "Credentials" as Secret resource link (spec.output.credentials)

      Additional Details:

      1. High Level Design

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