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Spike: Prepare script to install operator and create a list of different build states


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      As a developer I want easily install the latest Shipwright operator (0.5.x from their homepage) and have a list of Builds and BuildRuns in my environment which we want to support.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. A script / yaml file which install the Shipwright operator, all dependencies, and strategies
      2. A list of yaml files to run Builds (defining BuildRuns)
        1. Build from Source "source to image"
          1. without contextDir / with ContextDir)
          2. Referencing a Secret for git / sourcecode access
        2. Build from Dockerfile (buildah)
        3. Build is output is pushed to the internal or an external registry
        4. Failing BuildRun
      3. Infos should easy applyable on a 4.9 cluster.

      Additional Details:

      Information or YAML files could be added to this ticket.

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