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Topology build status translation does not work (anymore?)


    • ODC Sprint 204, ODC Sprint 205
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      Description of problem:

      When the user opens the topology sidebar for a Deployment with a BuildConfig the string Build #x was complete (and others) are not translated. The browser log shows also an error

      Missing i18n key "Build <1></1> was complete" in namespace "public" and language "en."

      The strings are translated but are saved as:

      Build {link} was complete

      Prerequisites (if any, like setup, operators/versions):


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Open developer perspective
      2. Add page
      3. Import from Git
      4. Select the deployment in the topology graph
      5. Switch the language

      Actual results:

      Build #x ... string is not translated. An error is logged in the browser console.

      Expected results:

      String is shown in the selected language and no error is logged in the browser console.

      Reproducibility (Always/Intermittent/Only Once):


      Build Details:

      Happen on a cluster (4.9.0-0.nightly-2021-07-07-021823)
      and local development (4.9 master, tested with 0588bc0f0b838ae448a68f35c5424f9bbfc65bc9)

      Additional info:


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