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Import flow: Resource limit form validation doesn't work reliable



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      Description of problem:

      When the user creates a Deployment with one of the Import from ... pages, she or he has the option to define a resource limit in the advanced option section.

      The resource limit section allows the user to define Request and Limit CPU cycles and Request and Limit memory. The form does not allow a limit value which is smaller then the request value.

      This form sometimes shows unexpected validations error if a unit is selected. It looks like that the unit is ignored when the number is changed.

      See attached video.

      Prerequisites (if any, like setup, operators/versions):


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Switch to developer perspective
      2. Add > Import from Git
      3. Scroll down to Advanced options and click on Resource limits
      4. Enter test data into the Resource limits forms
        1. Broken case a)
          1. 10 request CPU, keep millicores
          2. 15 limit CPU, keep millicores
          3. Switch limit to cores
          4. Press Limit minus button until the value is below 10.
        2. Broken case b)
          1. 1 request CPU, keep millicores
          2. 2 limit CPU, select cores
          3. Press Limit plus button until value is 5
          4. Press Resource plus button until value is 6

      Actual results:

      It shows invalid form validation errors

      Expected results:

      It should not show form validation errors in that case

      Reproducibility (Always/Intermittent/Only Once):


      Build Details:

      1. 4.9 master (19c0a653cc420c4ecee6ca44bd1126b2ee06d6ed)

      Additional info:




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