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Console should support dark mode


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      A large percentage of developers prefer to work in dark mode.


      • Enable dark mode in OpenShift Console.
      • Provide a mechanism to switch between light/dark mode, based on User Preferences

      Why is it important?

      Based on many studies/surveys held in the last few years, an overwhelming percentage of those polled prefer a dark mode over light mode. OpenShift User experience should be supporting dark mode, as it is a standard for many modern services.

      Use cases:

      1. If I change my OS appearance to dark, the OpenShift console should appear in dark mode
      2. If I change my OS appearance to light, the OpenShift console should appear in light mode
      3. If my OS appearance shifts based on time, the OpenShift console appearance should match to be aligned with the OS setting

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. Console users should be able to set their theme preference in User Preferences. They should be able to select between matching OS defaults, light or dark.
      2. At this point, we feel that the default appearance/mode should match your OS defaults, but this is still tbd

      Dependencies (External/Internal):



      Exploration Miro board


      We would want a follow on to include appearance ( theme / mode - unsure what we call it ) in the User Prefs. This needs to be looked into a bit more with UX, because when we get to HAC/AppStudio, they don't have user preferences yet, so this will take more discussion and consideration.

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