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Support specifying a name for a Service Binding connector in Topology view


    • Support specifying a name for a Service Binding connector in Topology view
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      As a user, I want to name my Service Binding connector in my topology view, so I can explicitly define the name of the underlying ServiceBindingCR, which is used as the directory name in which the binding files are mounted when using "bindAsFiles".

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. User is able to name the Service Binding connector when creating a Service Binding through the drag & drop action in the Topology view.
      2. User can access a Create Service Binding CTA to create a Service Binding from all resources which currently support the drag & drop capability.
      3. The Create Service Binding modal issued from the Create Service Binding CTA will allow the user to specify the name as well as the bindable object to connect to.
      4. The name is used as the name of the underlying ServiceBindingCR that is created.
      5. The name of the ServiceBinding directory in the "/bindings" mountpoint of the Pod matches the name of the ServiceBindingCR (this is the responsibility of the Service Binding Operator).
      6. When clicking on the Service Binding Connector in Topology, the associated secret (which is part of the exposed bindable data and is projected into the application's container as files/env variables) should be displayed in the Resources tab of the Side panel

      Additional Details:

      This requirement is needed in order to allow a single application (e.g. Quarkus) bind to multiple Managed Kafka instances, and use the name of the CR as the configuration name in Quarkus SmallRye Reactive Messaging. This allows us to configure which SmallRye configuration should bind to which Service by matching the name of the ServiceBindingCR with the name of the SmallRye configuration.


      This has been on the backlog of the "Managed App Services: Developer Experience and Tooling" call for a while: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-wtXvLDyb9xkLNVtt-e1kJ10bHuuDUa1wkzznJDIlNQ/edit?usp=sharing

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