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Dev Catalog Type tool tip renders off screen and displays error text


    • ODC Sprint 201, ODC Sprint 202
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      Description of problem:

      From the Developer Console, the tool tip that appears when the "?" next to Type is clicked renders partially off the screen. Scrolling does not uncover the text that is not available. Within the text that does display, the error text "Not available" is displayed with not context as to what this error means.

      Prerequisites (if any, like setup, operators/versions):


      Steps to Reproduce

      #1 go to the Dev Catalog
      #2 click on the ? next to Type

      Actual results:

      Tooltip displays off the screen so text cannot be read.
      No way to scroll to see the unreadable text.
      Error message "Not available" is displayed in the text with no context to understand what it means. (I am guessing there is a tool tip for something that is not installed at the time an it should just not be displayed).

      Expected results:

      Tool tip should display on the screen so text can be read or scrolled. No error text.

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