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Incorrect imagestream is shown as selected in knative service container image edit flow


    • ODC Sprint 198, ODC Sprint 199
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      Description of problem:

      When support for selecting the runtime icon from the runtime icon dropdown was added to the edit flows the previous code for showing runtime icon for deployments created on creating an app using container image flow internal registry option was not properly cleaned up for knative service resource. Label 'app.kubernetes.io/name' which is used for getting the internal imagestream name is set incorrectly with runtime icon name instead of the imagestream name for knative service resource.

      Prerequisites (if any, like setup, operators/versions):

      Red Hat OpenShift Serverless operator should be installed and Knative serving CR should be created in knative-serving ns.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an app using container image internal registry option and resource as Knative Service
      2. Click on edit <app-name> action from node context menu

      Actual results:

      Notice that in imagestream dropdown under internal registry option runtime icon name is shown instead of the previously selected imagestream.

      Expected results:

      Correct imagestream name should be shown

      Reproducibility (Always/Intermittent/Only Once): Always

      Build Details:

      Additional info:

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