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Getting Forbidden for image in a container template when creating a sample app


    • ODC Sprint 197, ODC Sprint 198
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      Description of problem:

      When creating a new Node.js app (I hit the same problem also with the Go app) in the Dev Sandbox, I sometimes get an error:

      Error "Forbidden: this image is prohibited by policy: this image is prohibited by policy (changed after admission)" for field "spec.template.spec.containers[0].image".

      Prerequisites (if any, like setup, operators/versions):

      Steps to eproduce

      1. Go to Add -> Samples
      2. Choose either Go or Node.js app
      3. Click on create

      Actual results:


      Expected results:

      Apps get created without showing any error

      Reproducibility (Always/Intermittent/Only Once):


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      The watch log of the Deployments captured during the creation using command oc get deployments --watch-only -o json:

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