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      As a developer, I want to use workspaces in pipelines when creating via the pipeline builder or adding a trigger to a pipeline so that I can use tasks that support workspaces in my pipelines.


      Pipeline builder does not support workspaces which makes it impossible to use the tasks that are pre-installed on the cluster and have switched to using workspaces instead of pipeline resources. The same applies to when user adds a trigger to a pipeline.

      Why is this important?

      To enable users to use tasks such as "Maven" that require workspaces when creating pipelines in the pipeline builder or adding triggers to these pipelines.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. As a developer creating a pipeline, I want the pipeline builder to advice me on the use of workspaces vs pipeline resources (via on screen text & links to docs)
      2. As a developer creating a pipeline, I want to use a workspace
      3. As a developer adding a trigger to a pipeline which uses workspaces, I need to be able to provide the required workspace
      4. As a developer editing a pipeline which doesn't use workspaces, I want the ability to modify it to use workspaces
      5. As.a developer, I want a consistent workspace experience between start pipeline, add trigger, and within the pipeline builder.

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