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Side panel info for Helm Charts in the Catalog needs to be updated


    • Side panel info for Helm Charts in the Catalog needs to be updated
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      Additional metadata should be exposed in the Helm Chart side panel from the Helm Chart Catalog

      Although the initial requirement is driven based on the Helm Certification effort, there are some gaps we should identify and update the side panel appropriately.

      Additionally, for 'certified' helm charts, we need to answer some questions?

      • how does a user contact support?
      • how do you support must gather ( provide information with your ticket )

      Epic Exploration Results

      Epic Exploration - May 2021

      MIRO Board Exploration

      Epic Exploration Round 1

      Exploration Round 1 recording can be found here
      Exploration Round 1 Jamboards from Epic Exploration:

      Acceptance Criteria

      Two areas of the UI will be updated

      1. Users should be able to easily view the provider of the available Helm Charts in the Helm Chart Catalog
        1. Helm Chart tiles in the Helm Chart Catalog should show Provided by {vendor name}
          # Users should be able to view more information about the Helm Chart before installing it
          ## Side panel showing the Helm Chart details needs to be updated to:
          ### Show Provided by {vendor name}

          rather than Provided by

          {chart repository}

          on the side panel title bar

          1. Left Column should include Latest chart version
          2. Left Column should include Product version {app version}
          3. Left Column should include Provider type
          4. Left Column should include Provider {vendor name}

            – we currently show the chart repo

          5. Left Column should include Homepage {product website URL}
          6. Left Column should include Repository
          7. Left Column should include Created at
          8. Left Column should include Support {support contact email or URL}

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      It would be great to have UX either provide or review the PR to be sure that the labels used in the side panel are consistent with other areas of the Developer Catalog, and that the label used to show that something is Certified is consistent with OperatorHub

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