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Ensure CI/Conformance flows are in place for HyperShift-Azure integration


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    • OCPSTRAT-987Hosted Control Planes is seamlessly integrated as a backend for ARO
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      Feature Overview (Goal Summary):

      Identify and fill gaps related to CI/CD for HyperShift-ARO integration. 

      Goals (Expected User Outcomes):

      • Establish a consistent and automated testing pipeline that reduces the risk of regressions and improves code quality.
      • Enhance the user experience by ensuring that HyperShift's integration with Azure is thoroughly tested and reliable.

      Requirements (Acceptance Criteria):

      • Develop and integrate an Azure-specific testing suite that can be run as part of the pres-ubmit checks.
      • Implement a schedule for periodic conformance tests on ARO. 
      • Maintain documentation that guides contributors on how to write and run tests within the ARO ecosystem.

      Use Cases

      • A developer submits a pull request to HyperShift’s codebase, which automatically triggers the Azure-specific presubmit tests.
      • Scheduled conformance tests run automatically at predetermined intervals, providing ongoing assurance of ARO's integration with Azure.

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