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[Outcome] De-risk Terraform dependency in Installer


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      Outcome Overview

      As a result of Hashicorp's license change to BSL, Red Hat OpenShift needs to remove the use of Hashicorp's Terraform from the installer – specifically for IPI deployments which currently use Terraform for setting up the infrastructure.


      Success Criteria

      The Installer no longer contains or uses Terraform.



      Expected Results (what, how, when)

      What incremental impact do you expect to create toward the company's Strategic Goals by delivering this outcome?  (possible examples:  unblocking sales, shifts in product metrics, etc. {} provide links to metrics that will be used post-completion for review & pivot decisions). {}For each expected result, list +what you will measure and when you will measure it (ex. provide links to existing information or metrics that will be used post-completion for review and specify when you will review the measurement such as 60 days after the work is complete)

      • For IPI installers that use Terraform, have a plan for how we will remove the Terraform dependency.
      • For short/near term, have a remediation plan how to address CVEs till we can remove Terraform dependency.
      • For short/near term, top/popular IPI installers should no longer depend on using Terraform, e.g. vSphere, AWS, Baremetal, Azure; alternate method used must provide parity to existing IPI installer features that uses Terraform.
      • For long term, IPI installer should no longer depend on using Terraform but have an alternate method that allows similar capability to existing IPI installer, with a path to gracefully (and hopefully seamlessly) transition/migrate from the existing IPI installer --> short/near term method (optional) --> long term method which does not rely on Terraform.


      Post Completion Review – Actual Results

      After completing the work (as determined by the "when" in Expected Results above), list the actual results observed / measured during Post Completion review(s).

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