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[Tech Preview] OC mirror multiple internet disconnected enclaves


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    • Having just helped someone with a disconnected install (this area of our product needs some attention as following what to do and when to do it is a bit cumbersome).

      Technology Preview of the oc mirror enclaves support (Dev Preview was OCPSTRAT-765 in OpenShift 4.15).

      Feature description

      oc-mirror already focuses on mirroring content to disconnected environments for installing and upgrading OCP clusters.

      This specific feature addresses use cases where mirroring is needed for several enclaves (disconnected environments), that are secured behind at least one intermediate disconnected network.

      In this context, enclave users are interested in:

      • being able to mirror content for several enclaves, and centralizing it in a single internal registry. Some customers are interested in running security checks on the mirrored content, vetting it before allowing mirroring to downstream enclaves.
      • being able to mirror contents directly from the internal centralized registry to enclaves without having to restart the mirroring from internet for each enclave
      • keeping the volume of data transfered from one network stage to the other to a strict minimum, avoiding to transfer a blob or an image more than one time from one stage to another.


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