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      Feature Overview
      There are specific opportunities to improve the administrative experience when using the machine API, this topic is around the setting up of appropriate default values (saving time and errors) and also early validation of said values to allow quick detection of errors.

      There are also specific areas where we lack capabilities that are key to the end user experience.


      • Include reasonable defaults where calls are made to APIs
      • Where possible validate calls made to APIs
      • Do this for all cloud provider interactions
      • Address key parts of missing functionality in subcomponents


      Requirement Notes isMvp?
      Implement validation/defaulting for AWS   Yes
      Implement validation/defaulting for GCP    
      Implement validation/defaulting for Azure    
       Implement validation/defaulting for vSphere    

      Out of Scope


      Background, and strategic fit
      This type of checking can cut down on errors, reducing outages and also time wasted on identifying issues


      Customer Considerations
      Customers must be ready to handle if their settings are not accepted.

      Documentation Considerations

      • Target audience: cluster admins
      • Updated content: update docs to mention the defaults selected and the validation that occurs, also what to do in the event validation fails.

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