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LVM storage recover from existing disks/VG



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      Feature Overview (aka. Goal Summary)  

      When a user re-installs LVMS, pointing to disks that have been used by a previous LVMS  installation, at least the PVs should be re-created ( best case also the PVC ). Currently, LVMs considers the disks as already be in use and wont touch them, make recovery from re-install without data loss very hard / if not impossible. 

      Goals (aka. expected user outcomes)

      The goal is to be able to recover from re-install (of LVMS or the whole OCP cluster) rather easy.  If LVMS is pointed to the same disks again (i.e. by re-creating the LVMCluster CRD), it should reconcile against the existing disks and recover/re-create the PVs.

      Requirements (aka. Acceptance Criteria):

      for each VG/StorageClass: if the existing disks are  found to be part of an old LVMs installation (see open questions), reconcilation against the VG is done: for each existing LV, if no matching PV is found, the corresponding PV is create. If possible, a matching PVC is also being created.

      Questions to Answer (Optional):

      Include a list of refinement / architectural questions that may need to be answered before coding can begin.  Initial completion during Refinement status.

      How can the a VG / set of LVs being detected as being from an old LVMS installation? Maybe PV/VG labels can be used? Or a naming convention? Worst case,  if nothing of that is possible, we should create a PV with the name of the LV  so that it could be manually attached to a pod for recovery, or deleted if no longer needed. 

      Out of Scope

      Full blown backup&recovery solution, this is the domain of 3d party k8s backup/restore solution providers.


      Turns out that current LVMs implementation is not very resilient against config changes, so a re-installation might be necessary. That should not induce loss of customer data.

      Customer Considerations


      Documentation Considerations

      Behaviour needs to be document as part of recovery / troubleshooting docs.

      Interoperability Considerations



      Eng: M - We can use LV/VG/PV labeling to store the metadata on-disk so when an LVMCluster object is recreated it can automatically pull all of the previously managed disks.

      Docs: M - Informational note about the feature in the existing docs. No API changes so existing examples can stay as-is.

      QE: S - Standard feature level testing.


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