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Support MicroShift V4.14 and V4.15 on RHEL 9.3


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    • OCPSTRAT-1131MicroShift Enhancements 2024 for Industrial, Retail and Public Sector edge customers
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      Feature Overview (aka. Goal Summary)  

      RHEL 9.3 will bring special hardware enablement, esp. for NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform, which is in high demand for machine vision at the edge use cases.  MicroShift is currently tested and supported only on the same RHEL 9.2 EUS version that OpenShift uses. To satisfy the need of MicroShift EAP customers, we need to support MicroShift V4.14 (GA release) also on RHEL 9.3. 


      Goals (aka. expected user outcomes)

      Test and Support MicroShift V4.14 on RHEL 9.3 ARM , and specifically NVIDIA Jetson Orin AGX hardware.


      Requirements (aka. Acceptance Criteria):

      A list of specific needs or objectives that a feature must deliver in order to be considered complete.  Be sure to include nonfunctional requirements such as security, reliability, performance, maintainability, scalability, usability, etc.  Initial completion during Refinement status.


      Out of Scope

      • This is not a general "EUS+1" support policy. This is specific for V4.14 on RHEL 9.3
      • Support for older RHEL release (e.g. MicroShift V4.14 on RHEL 9.0 or RHEL 8.6) is out of scope.



      See this document for more details

      Customer Considerations

      This is relevant for MicroShift EAP customers, esp. for Machine vision at the edge type of use cases (retail, public).

      Documentation Considerations

      Release compatibility matrix and installation instructions need to be updated.

      Interoperability Considerations

      RHEL V9.3


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