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Multitenancy support in Network Observability for project admins


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      • Provide NetFlow table, networking dashboard and other UI features by tenant
      • A user of a tenant can only see their data by way of RBAC and role binding
      • Multi-tenancy is achieved via namespaces segregation. A user having access to namespace X can get flows where source or destination (or both) are from that namespace. Thus, it also includes flows coming from another namespace, or going to another namespace, as long as the allowed namespace is involved.

      Multi-tenancy in this context does only target project admins, ie. users having access to the Admin perspective of the Console but who are restricted in the namespaces they can see.

      Implementing netobserv for the developer perspective is the purpose of a follow-up epic: NETOBSERV-163 Network Observability for Developer as the means of restricting access is through projects (namespaces).

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