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    • OCPSTRAT-10Install and update OpenShift on Infrastructure Providers
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      Epic Goal

      Feature Overview (aka. Goal Summary)  

      The goal of this initiative to help boost adoption of OpenShift on ppc64le. This can be further broken down into several key objectives.

      • For IBM, furthering adopt of OpenShift will continue to drive adoption on their power hardware. In parallel, this can be used for existing customers to migrate their old power on-prem workloads to a cloud environment.
      • For the Multi-Arch team, this represents our first opportunity to develop an IPI offering on one of the IBM platforms. Right now, we depend on IPI on libvirt to cover our CI needs; however, this is not a supported platform for customers. PowerVS would address this caveat for ppc64le.
      • By bringing in PowerVS, we can provide customers with the easiest possible experience to deploy and test workloads on IBM architectures.
      • Customers already have UPI methods to solve their OpenShift on prem needs for ppc64le. This gives them an opportunity for a cloud based option, further our hybrid-cloud story.

      Goals (aka. expected user outcomes)

      • The goal of this epic to begin the process of expanding support of OpenShift on ppc64le hardware to include IPI deployments against the IBM Power Virtual Server (PowerVS) APIs.

      Requirements (aka. Acceptance Criteria):

      • CI - MUST be running successfully with tests automated
      • Release Technical Enablement - Provide necessary release enablement details and documents.

      Use Cases (Optional):

      Include use case diagrams, main success scenarios, alternative flow scenarios.  Initial completion during Refinement status.


      Questions to Answer (Optional):

      Include a list of refinement / architectural questions that may need to be answered before coding can begin.  Initial completion during Refinement status.


      Out of Scope

      High-level list of items that are out of scope.  Initial completion during Refinement status.



      Provide any additional context is needed to frame the feature.  Initial completion during Refinement status.


      Customer Considerations

      Provide any additional customer-specific considerations that must be made when designing and delivering the Feature.  Initial completion during Refinement status.


      Documentation Considerations

      Provide information that needs to be considered and planned so that documentation will meet customer needs.  Initial completion during Refinement status.


      Interoperability Considerations

      Which other projects and versions in our portfolio does this feature impact?  What interoperability test scenarios should be factored by the layered products?  Initial completion during Refinement status.

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