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      Feature Overview

      Testing is one of the main pillars of production-grade software. It helps validate and flag issues early on before the code is shipped into productive landscapes. Code changes no matter how small they are might lead to bugs and outages, the best way to validate bugs is to write proper tests, and to run those tests we need to have a foundation for a test infrastructure, finally, to close the circle, automation of these tests and their corresponding build help reduce errors and save a lot of time.


      • How do we get infrastructure, what infrastructure accounts are required?
      • Build e2e integration with openshift-release on AWS.
      • Define MVP CI Jobs to validate (e.g., conformance). What tests are failing, are we skipping any? why? 

      Note: Sync with the Developer productivity teams might be required to understand infra requirements especially for our first HyperShift infrastructure backend, AWS.

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            azaalouk Adel Zaalouk
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