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[IBM Only] Selective Management of HostedCluster Resources via Annotations for Hypershift Operators


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      Feature Overview (aka. Goal Summary)  

      Enable selective management of HostedCluster resources via annotations, allowing hypershift operators to operate concurrently on a management cluster without interfering with each other. This feature facilitates testing new operator versions or configurations in a controlled manner, ensuring that production workloads remain unaffected.

      Goals (aka. expected user outcomes)

      • Primary User Type/Persona: Cluster Service Providers
      • Observable Functionality: Administrators can deploy "test" and "production" hypershift operators within the same management cluster. The "test" operator will manage only those HostedClusters annotated according to a predefined specification, while the "production" operator will ignore these annotated HostedClusters, thus maintaining the integrity of existing workloads.

      Requirements (aka. Acceptance Criteria):

      • The "test" operator must respond only to HostedClusters that carry a specific annotation defined by the HOSTEDCLUSTERS_SCOPE_ANNOTATION environment variable.
      • The "production" operator must ignore HostedClusters with the specified annotation.
      • The feature is activated via the ENABLE_HOSTEDCLUSTERS_ANNOTATION_SCOPING environment variable. When not set, the operators should behave as they currently do, without any annotation-based filtering.
      • Upstream documentation to describe how to set up and use annotation-based scoping, including setting environment variables and annotating HostedClusters appropriately.
      • The solution should not impact the core functionality of HCP for self-managed and cloud-services (ROSA/ARO)


      Deployment considerations List applicable specific needs (N/A = not applicable)
      Self-managed, managed, or both  
      Classic (standalone cluster)  
      Hosted control planes Applicable
      Multi node, Compact (three node), or Single node (SNO), or all  
      Connected / Restricted Network  
      Architectures, e.g. x86_x64, ARM (aarch64), IBM Power (ppc64le), and IBM Z (s390x)  
      Operator compatibility  
      Backport needed (list applicable versions)  
      UI need (e.g. OpenShift Console, dynamic plugin, OCM)  
      Other (please specify)  

      Use Cases (Optional):

      • Testing new versions or configurations of hypershift operators without impacting existing HostedClusters.
      • Gradual rollout of operator updates to a subset of HostedClusters for performance and compatibility testing.

      Questions to Answer (Optional):

      Include a list of refinement / architectural questions that may need to be answered before coding can begin.  Initial completion during Refinement status.

      <your text here>

      Out of Scope

      • Automatic migration of HostedClusters between "test" and "production" operators.
      • Non-IBM integrations (e.g., MCE)


      Current hypershift operator functionality does not allow for selective management of HostedClusters, limiting the ability to test new operator versions or configurations in a live environment without affecting production workloads.

      Customer Considerations

      Provide any additional customer-specific considerations that must be made when designing and delivering the Feature.  Initial completion during Refinement status.

      <your text here>

      Documentation Considerations

      Upstream only for now

      Interoperability Considerations

      • The solution should not impact the core functionality of HCP for self-managed and cloud-services (ROSA/ARO)

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