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[Tech Preview] Cluster API Provider for GCP


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    • OCPSTRAT-764[Outcome] Leverage Cluster API to introduce new features to OpenShift
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      Feature Overview

      Move to using the upstream Cluster API (CAPI) in place of the current implementation of the Machine API for standalone Openshift

      prerequisite work Goals completed in OCPSTRAT-1122
      {}Complete the design of the Cluster API (CAPI) architecture and build the core operator logic needed for Phase-1, incorporating the assets from different repositories to simplify asset management.

      Phase 1 & 2 covers implementing base functionality for CAPI.

      Background, and strategic fit

      • Initially CAPI did not meet the requirements for cluster/machine management that OCP had the project has moved on, and CAPI is a better fit now and also has better community involvement.
      • CAPI has much better community interaction than MAPI.
      • Other projects are considering using CAPI and it would be cleaner to have one solution
      • Long term it will allow us to add new features more easily in one place vs. doing this in multiple places.

      Acceptance Criteria

      There must be no negative effect to customers/users of the MAPI, this API must continue to be accessible to them though how it is implemented "under the covers" and if that implementation leverages CAPI is open

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