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  2. OCPSTRAT-1168

Extend lifecycle of Platform Aligned Operators to 4.14


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    • openshift-4.14, openshift-4.16
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      Feature Overview

      This feature tracks the changes required from Platform aligned operators due to OCPSTRAT-1029

      Following platform-aligned operators a subset of these operators / products would also support an extended lifecycle of 36 months.


      LVM Storage
      Red Hat Quay
      Red Hat Quay Bridge Operator
      Red Hat Quay Container Security Operator
      SR-IOV Network Operator
      Windows Machine Config Operator
      CSI Addons
      NooBaa Operator
      OpenShift Container Storage
      OpenShift Data Foundation
      OpenShift Data Foundation Client
      Node Feature Discovery Operator
      AWS EFS CSI Driver Operator
      GCP FileStore CSI Driver Operator
      Local Storage Operator
      ClusterResourceOverride Operator
      Kubernetes NMState Operator
      MetalLB Operator
      Ingress Node Firewall Operator
      OpenShift Virtualization
      PTP Operator
      Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes
      multicluster engine for Kubernetes
      ODF Multicluster Orchestrator
      Openshift DR Cluster Operator
      Openshift DR Hub Operator

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