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Enable managing releases with FBC for ISV/Community catalog


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    • OCPSTRAT-27OLM V1: Operators, Operator Lifecycle Management, and Operator Hub
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      Feature Overview (aka. Goal Summary)  

      Enable Community authors to manage operator releases with FBC declaratively with ISV pipeline.

      Goals (aka. expected user outcomes)

      The observable functionality that the user now has as a result of receiving this feature. Include the anticipated primary user type/persona and which existing features, if any, will be expanded. Complete during New status.

      • authors can onboard from legacy to basic catalog template
      • authors can effect a catalog release with only a bundle release
      • authors can effect a discrete catalog-only release without a bundle release

      Requirements (aka. Acceptance Criteria):

      A list of specific needs or objectives that a feature must deliver in order to be considered complete.  Be sure to include nonfunctional requirements such as security, reliability, performance, maintainability, scalability, usability, etc.  Initial completion during Refinement status.

      • an initial iteration of an onboarding procedure we can use to drive discussions
      • capability of `opm render` to generate FBC from on-filesystem bundles
      • an initial iteration of opm / ISV (/ RHTAP?) interaction sequence to facilitate construction of an ISV/community catalog pipeline


      Anyone reviewing this Feature needs to know which deployment configurations that the Feature will apply to (or not) once it's been completed.  Describe specific needs (or indicate N/A) for each of the following deployment scenarios. For specific configurations that are out-of-scope for a given release, ensure you provide the OCPSTRAT (for the future to be supported configuration) as well.

      Deployment considerations List applicable specific needs (N/A = not applicable)
      Self-managed, managed, or both N/A
      Classic (standalone cluster) N/A
      Hosted control planes N/A
      Multi node, Compact (three node), or Single node (SNO), or all N/A
      Connected / Restricted Network N/A
      Architectures, e.g. x86_x64, ARM (aarch64), IBM Power (ppc64le), and IBM Z (s390x) N/A
      Operator compatibility N/A
      Backport needed (list applicable versions) N/A
      UI need (e.g. OpenShift Console, dynamic plugin, OCM) N/A
      Other (please specify)  


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