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Hypershift-enablement for short-lived token authentication flows with OLM-managed operators with CCO


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      Completion of AWS security audit work.

      Completion of AWS security audit work.
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    • OCPSTRAT-6Tokenized Auth Enablement for OLM-managed Operators on Cloud Providers
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      Feature Overview:

      Hypershift-provisioned clusters, regardless of the cloud provider support the proposed integration for OLM-managed integration outlined in OCPBU-559 and OCPBU-560.



      There is no degradation in capability or coverage of OLM-managed operators support short-lived token authentication on cluster, that are lifecycled via Hypershift.



      • the flows in OCPBU-559 and OCPBU-560 need to work unchanged on Hypershift-managed clusters
      • most likely this means that Hypershift needs to adopt the CloudCredentialOperator
      • all operators enabled as part of OCPBU-563, OCPBU-564, OCPBU-566 and OCPBU-568 need to be able to leverage short-lived authentication on Hypershift-managed clusters without being aware that they are on Hypershift-managed clusters
      • also OCPBU-569 and OCPBU-570 should be achievable on Hypershift-managed clusters



      Currently, Hypershift lacks support for CCO.

      Customer Considerations

      Currently, Hypershift will be limited to deploying clusters in which the cluster core operators are leveraging short-lived token authentication exclusively.

      Documentation Considerations

      If we are successful, no special documentation should be needed for this.


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