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vSphere CSI topology compliance checks


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      Feature Overview (aka. Goal Summary)


      To support volume provisioning and usage in multi-zonal clusters, the deployment should match certain requirements imposed by CSI driver - https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere-Container-Storage-Plug-in/3.0/vmware-vsphere-csp-getting-started/GUID-4E5F8F65-8845-44EE-9485-426186A5E546.html

      The requirements have slightly changed in 3.1.0 - https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere-Container-Storage-Plug-in/3.0/vmware-vsphere-csp-getting-started/GUID-162E7582-723B-4A0F-A937-3ACE82EAFD31.html

      We need to ensure that, cluster is compliant with topology requirement and if not, vsphere-problem-detector should detect invalid configuration and create warnings and alerts.

      A patch to the vSphere CSI driver was added to accept both the old and new tagging methods in order to avoid regressions. A warning is thrown if the old way is used.

      Goals (aka. expected user outcomes)

      Ensure that if customer's configuration is not compliant, OCP raises a warning. The goal is to validate customer's config. Improve VPD to detect these misconfigurations.

      Ensure the driver keeps working with the old configuration. Raise a warning if customers are still using the old tagging way.

      Requirements (aka. Acceptance Criteria):

      This feature should be able to detect any anomalies when customers are configuring vSphere topology.

      Driver should work with both new and old way to define zones

      Out of Scope

      This epic is not about testing topology which is already supported.


      The vSphere CSI driver changed the way tag are applied to nodes and clusters. This feature ensures that the customer's config and what is expected from the driver.

      Customer Considerations

      This will help customers get the guarantee that their configuration is compliant especially for those who are used to the old way of configuring topology

      Documentation Considerations

      Update the topology documentation to match the new driver requirements.

      Interoperability Considerations

      OCP on vSphere

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