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      Feature Overview

      Openshift Sandboxed Containers provide the ability to add an additional layer of isolation through virtualization for many workloads. The main way to enable the use of katacontainers on an Openshift Cluster is by first installing the Operator (for more information about operator enablement check [1]).

      Once the feature is enabled on the cluster, it just a matter of a one-liner YAML modification on the pod/deployment level to run the workload using katacontianers. That might sound easy for some, but for others who don't care about YAML they might want more abstractions on how to use katacontainers for their workloads.

      This feature covers all the efforts required to integrate and present Kata in Openshift UI (console) to cater to all user personas.

      Background, and strategic fit

      To enable for users to adopt Kata as a runtime, it is important to make it easy to use. Adding hook-points in the UI with ease-of-use as a goal in mind is one way to bring in more users.


      The main goal of this feature is to make sure that:

      1. It is easy for users to find out how to use/enable Openshift Sandboxed Containers on their clusters (e.g., Getting started guide in the UI).
      2. Cluster-admins are able to differentiate between normal pods and Kata pods.
      3. Developers (application, CNF, ...) have an easy way to create Katacontiners (without peeking at YAMLs)
      4. Application End-users are able to collectively activate kata on their app packages/content (e.g., Helm, odo,...)

      Documentation Considerations

      Questions to be addressed:

      • What educational or reference material (docs) is required to support this product feature? For users/admins? Other functions (security officers, etc)?
      • Does this feature have doc impact?
      • New Content, Updates to existing content, Release Note, or No Doc Impact
      • If unsure and no Technical Writer is available, please contact Content Strategy.
      • What concepts do customers need to understand to be successful inĀ [action]?
      • How do we expect customers will use the feature? For what purpose(s)?
      • What reference material might a customer want/need to completeĀ [action]?
      • Is there source material that can be used as a reference for the Technical Writer in writing the content? If yes, please link if available.
      • What is the doc impact (New Content, Updates to existing content, or Release Note)?


      [1] https://issues.redhat.com/browse/KATA-429?jql=project %3D KATA AND issuetype %3D Feature




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