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Integration with OpenStack Bare Metal (Ironic)


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      As an OpenShift admin, I'd like to install OCP on OpenStack with the master nodes on virtual instances and the worker nodes on bare metal nodes, all provided by OpenStack and the fully-automated installation (IPI).


      When installing OpenShift on OpenStack we can only target virtual instances but not bare metal instances.

      Why is this important

      Customers want to make a more efficient use of their OpenStack infrastructure and get all the performance of bare metal for their container apps, which requires integrating the OpenShift installer with their Bare Metal service provided by OpenStack Ironic.

      Customers: Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Deutsche Telekom (DT), Paddy Power Betfair, NTTcom, NTT Lab, DoCoMo/NEC, Telenor.

      Use cases
      I can install via IPI distributing masters as VMs and worker nodes as BMs or VMs. Adding the baremetal worker nodes will be a day-two operation.


      Proof of Concept demo integrating OpenShift with Ironic-managed bare metal, RWX storage from Ceph (via OpenStack Shared filesystem Manila) and regular OpenStack VMs by cjanisze@redhat.com


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