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Update installer to support External platform type


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    • OCPSTRAT-339 - [Phase 2] Add a new platform type ("external") to identify clusters with non-integrated partner components enabled

      User Story

      As a user I want to use the openshift installer to create clusters of platform type External so that I can use openshift more effectively on a partner provider platform.


      To fully support the External platform type for partners and users, it will be useful to be able to have the installer understand when it sees the external platform type in the install-config.yaml, and then to properly populate the resulting infrastructure config object with the external platform type and platform name.

      As defined in https://github.com/openshift/api/blob/master/config/v1/types_infrastructure.go#L241 , the external platform type allows the user to specify a name for the platform. This card is about updating the installer so that a user can provide both the external type and a platform name that will be expressed in the infrastructure manifest.

      Aside from this information, the installer should continue with a normal platform "None" installation.


      • update installer to allow platform "External" specified in the install-config.yaml
      • update installer to allow platform name to specified as part of the External platform configuration


      • openshift cloud infra team
      • openshift installer team
      • openshift assisted installer team

      Definition of Done

      • user can specify external platform in the install-config.yaml and have a cluster with External platform type and a name for the platform.
      • cluster installs as expected for platform external (similar to none)
      • Docs
      • Testing
      • this feature should allow us to update our external platform tests to make the installation easier, tests should be updated to include this methodology

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