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Integrate openshift/API machine definitions into components


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      As a follow up to OCPCLOUD-693, we need to, once all of the API definitions are present in openshift/api, migrate the existing code bases to use the new API locations.


      This will include:

      • Machine API Operator
      • Cluster Machine Approver
      • Cluster API Provider AWS|Azure|GCP|IBM|Alibaba|OpenStack|Kubevirt
      • Cluster API actuator pkg
      • Installer
      • WMCO
      • MCO
      • Hive
      • Grep OpenShift for other references to our old APIs


      • Replace the Machine API imports with the new openshift/API MAPI locations


      • Cluster Infra
      • Owners of the repos listed above

      Definition of Done

      • The openshift/API defintions are used across components in the MAPI ecosystem
      • Docs
      • Generated docs for API types should now come from openshift/API
      • Testing
      • Regular regression testing should be sufficient, this is a copy paste for the most part and we expect the code won't compile if we break this

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