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If selected "Delete all operand instances ..." checkbox, cert-manager operator is stuck in being uninstalled


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      Description of problem:

      If selected "Delete all operand instances ..." checkbox, cert-manager operator is stuck in being uninstalled. If don't select it, and try Uninstall again, then no such issue.

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      cert-manager installed with cert-manager-operator-bundle-container-v1.10.2-18 on cluster of payload 4.13.0-0.nightly-2023-03-09-162945.

      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. In the OpenShift Console, install cert-manager operator of bundle version v1.10.2-18.
      2. Wait the installation completes. Check operator, operand pods and CSV, all are in good status. Test selfsigned issuer and cert with it, functions are good.
      Save things:
      $ oc get po -n cert-manager-operator
      NAME                                                        READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
      cert-manager-operator-controller-manager-768866b856-rz6h5   2/2     Running   0          2m32s
      $ oc get certmanager cluster -o yaml > certmanager-before-uninstall.yaml
      3. In the OpenShift Console, in the "Installed Operators" page, follow https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.12/operators/admin/olm-deleting-operators-from-cluster.html the "Deleting Operators from a cluster using the web console" section, click "Uninstall Operator", it shows a dialog:
      "Operator cert-manager Operator for Red Hat OpenShift will be removed from cert-manager-operator. Select the checkbox below to also remove all Operands associated with this Operator. If your Operator configured off-cluster resources, these will continue to run and require manual cleanup".
      Select the checkbox, click Uninstall.
      3. Wait. Check previous dialog, it is stuck and showing "Cleaning up operand instances...Remaining Operands: 1 of 1".
      Check certmanager again, it appears automatically recreated:
      $ oc get certmanager cluster -o yaml > certmanager-during-still-uninstall.yaml
      $ diff certmanager-before-uninstall.yaml certmanager-during-still-uninstall.yaml
      $ diff certmanager-before-uninstall.yaml certmanager-during-still-uninstall.yaml
      <   creationTimestamp: "2023-03-10T09:46:48Z"
      >   creationTimestamp: "2023-03-10T09:50:05Z"
      <   - cert-manager-operator.operator.openshift.io/cert-manager-webhook-deployment
      >   - cert-manager-operator.operator.openshift.io/cert-manager-webhook-deployment
      <   resourceVersion: "133350"
      <   uid: 6859cc65-78ba-434d-87a5-500e4dc3b107
      >   resourceVersion: "134215"
      >   uid: 3a05afe2-82e1-4bfe-aba2-9a30d8ed6c7b
      <   - lastTransitionTime: "2023-03-10T09:47:06Z"
      <     status: "True"
      <     type: cert-manager-webhook-deploymentAvailable
      <   - lastTransitionTime: "2023-03-10T09:47:06Z"
      <     status: "False"
      <     type: cert-manager-webhook-deploymentProgressing
      <   - lastTransitionTime: "2023-03-10T09:47:00Z"
      <     status: "True"
      <     type: cert-manager-cainjector-deploymentAvailable
      <   - lastTransitionTime: "2023-03-10T09:47:00Z"
      <     status: "False"
      <     type: cert-manager-cainjector-deploymentProgressing
      <   - lastTransitionTime: "2023-03-10T09:46:48Z"
      <     reason: AsExpected
      <     status: "False"
      <     type: cert-manager-webhook-deploymentDegraded
      <   - lastTransitionTime: "2023-03-10T09:47:30Z"
      >   - lastTransitionTime: "2023-03-10T09:50:07Z"
      <   - lastTransitionTime: "2023-03-10T09:47:30Z"
      >   - lastTransitionTime: "2023-03-10T09:50:07Z"

      Actual results:

      If selected "Delete all operand instances ..." checkbox, cert-manager operator is stuck in being uninstalled. If don't select this checkbox, then no such issue.

      Expected results:

      Given the checkbox is provided, if users select it when do Uninstall, cert-manager operator should be able to be uninstalled instead of being stuck in uninstalling.


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