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Documentation: Help Explain OpenShift Console List & Detail Resource Pages For Plugin Developers


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      The issue:

      An interesting issue came up on #forum-ui-extensibility. There was an attempt to use extensions to nest a details page under a details page that contained a horizontal nav. This caused an issue with rendering the page content when a sub link was clicked – which caused confusion.

      The why:

      The reason this happened was the resource details page had a tab that contained a resource list page. This resource list page showed a number of items of CRs that when clicked would try to append their name onto the URL. This confused the navigation, thinking that this path must be another tab, so no tabs were selected and no content was visible. The goal was to reuse this longer path name as a details page of its own with its own horizontal nav. This issue is a conceptual misunderstanding of the way our list & details pages work in OpenShift Console.

      List Pages are sometimes found via direct navigation links. List pages are almost all shown on the Search page, allowing a user to navigate to both existing nav items and other non-primary resources.

      Details Pages are individual items found in the List Pages (a row). These are stand alone pages that show details of a singular CR and optionally can have tabs that list other resources – but they always transition to a fresh Details page instead of compounding on the currently visible one.

      The ask:

      If we could document this in a fashion that can help Plugin developers share the same UX that the rest of the Console does then we will have a more unified approach to UX within the Console and through any installed Plugins.

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