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Issue deploying the master node with IPI


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      Description of problem:

      Deploying Openshift 4.12 using IPI is failing to deploy our masters
      The issue we encounter when we do a journalctl on the master:
      Jan 23 18:21:50 master0-sahara bash[4859]: Copying config sha256:ecc0cdc6ecc65607d63a1847e235f4988c104b07e680c0eed8b2fc0e5c20d934
      Jan 23 18:21:50 master0-sahara bash[4859]: Writing manifest to image destination
      Jan 23 18:21:50 master0-sahara bash[4859]: Storing signatures
      Jan 23 18:21:50 master0-sahara bash[4859]: time="2023-01-23T18:21:50Z" level=warning msg="Found incomplete layer \"e2e51ecd22dcbc318fb317f20dff685c6d54755d60a80b12ed290658864d45fd\", deleting it"
      Jan 23 18:21:50 master0-sahara bash[4859]: Error: checking platform of image ecc0cdc6ecc65607d63a1847e235f4988c104b07e680c0eed8b2fc0e5c20d934: inspecting image: layer not known
      Everything is working with 4.11

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):


      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Redeploy 4.12 using Openshift IPI

      Actual results:

      level=error msg=Attempted to gather ClusterOperator status after installation failure: listing ClusterOperator objects: Get \"https://api.orjfdciocp-sahara.otcdcslab.com:6443/apis/config.openshift.io/v1/clusteroperators\": dial tcp connect: no route to host", "level=error msg=Bootstrap failed to complete: timed out waiting for the condition", "level=error msg=Failed to wait for bootstrapping to complete. This error usually happens when there is a problem with control plane hosts that prevents the control plane operators from creating the control plane.", "level=warning msg=The bootstrap machine is unable to resolve API and/or API-Int Server URLs", "level=info msg=Successfully resolved API_INT_URL api-int.orjfdciocp-sahara.otcdcslab.com", "level=info msg=Unable to reach API_INT_URL's https endpoint at", "level=info msg=It might be too early for the to be available.", "level=info msg=Bootstrap gather logs captured here \"/home/kni/clusterconfigs/log-bundle-20230124124420.tar.gz\""], "stdout": "", "stdout_lines": []}

      Expected results:


      Additional info:

      The workaround is to do a `podman system reset` on the failing master

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