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Adding day2 remote worker node requires manually approving CSRs


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      Description of problem: defined in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2051533 

      When adding remote worker node using ZTP the agent finishes the installation and is marked as done. 
      oc get agent -o wide
      NAME                                   CLUSTER   APPROVED   ROLE     STAGE   HOSTNAME                                      REQUESTED HOSTNAME
      0277804e-2a7c-4d95-9d0f-e22a190d582a   spoke-0   true       worker   Done    spoke-worker-0-0.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com    spoke-worker-0-0
      12efa520-5b99-4474-805d-931e46ad43f7   spoke-0   true       master   Done    spoke-master-0-2.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com    spoke-master-0-2
      3b8eec89-f26f-4896-8f71-8a810894c560   spoke-0   true       master   Done    spoke-master-0-0.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com    spoke-master-0-0
      3fb3749e-c132-4258-ad1a-08a0445c9022   spoke-0   true       worker   Done    spoke-worker-0-1.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com    spoke-worker-0-1
      728559e9-5543-41d9-adb0-e58196f765af   spoke-0   true       master   Done    spoke-master-0-1.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com    spoke-master-0-1
      982e1ff6-6e83-4800-b061-8cdfd0b844fb   spoke-0   true       worker   Done    spoke-rwn-0-1.spoke-rwn-0.qe.lab.redhat.com   spoke-rwn-0-1
      a76eaa6a-b351-429f-bfa1-e53a70503573   spoke-0   true       worker   Done    spoke-rwn-0-0.spoke-rwn-0.qe.lab.redhat.com   spoke-rwn-0-0
      Logging into the spoke cluster the bmh and machine resources are created and the node resource is not:
      oc get bmh -n openshift-machine-api
      NAME                STATE                    CONSUMER                       ONLINE   ERROR                            AGE
      spoke-master-0-0    unmanaged                spoke-0-pxbfh-master-0         true                                      3h32m
      spoke-master-0-1    unmanaged                spoke-0-pxbfh-master-1         true                                      3h32m
      spoke-master-0-2    unmanaged                spoke-0-pxbfh-master-2         true                                      3h32m
      spoke-rwn-0-0-bmh   externally provisioned   spoke-0-spoke-rwn-0-0-bmh      true     provisioned registration error   168m
      spoke-rwn-0-1-bmh   externally provisioned   spoke-0-spoke-rwn-0-1-bmh      true     provisioned registration error   168m
      spoke-worker-0-0    unmanaged                spoke-0-pxbfh-worker-0-65mrb   true                                      3h32m
      spoke-worker-0-1    unmanaged                spoke-0-pxbfh-worker-0-nnmcq   true                                      3h32m     
       oc get machine -n openshift-machine-api
      NAME                           PHASE         TYPE   REGION   ZONE   AGE
      spoke-0-pxbfh-master-0         Running                              3h33m
      spoke-0-pxbfh-master-1         Running                              3h33m
      spoke-0-pxbfh-master-2         Running                              3h33m
      spoke-0-pxbfh-worker-0-65mrb   Running                              3h19m
      spoke-0-pxbfh-worker-0-nnmcq   Running                              3h20m
      spoke-0-spoke-rwn-0-0-bmh      Provisioned                          169m
      spoke-0-spoke-rwn-0-1-bmh      Provisioned                          169m
      Note: bmh is in error state:
      Normal  ProvisionedRegistrationError  30m   metal3-baremetal-controller  Host adoption failed: Error while attempting to adopt node 529b3e75-5d04-4486-9296-269081d0ec02: Error validating Redfish virtual media. Some parameters were missing in node's driver_info. Missing are: ['deploy_kernel', 'deploy_ramdisk'].
      oc get nodes
      NAME                                         STATUS   ROLES    AGE   VERSION
      spoke-master-0-0.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com   Ready    master   72m   v1.22.3+2cb6068
      spoke-master-0-1.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com   Ready    master   50m   v1.22.3+2cb6068
      spoke-master-0-2.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com   Ready    master   72m   v1.22.3+2cb6068
      spoke-worker-0-0.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com   Ready    worker   51m   v1.22.3+2cb6068
      spoke-worker-0-1.spoke-0.qe.lab.redhat.com   Ready    worker   51m   v1.22.3+2cb6068
      node-bootstrapper CSR is created but not auto-approved; periodically another node-strapper csr is created until it is manually approved:
      oc get csr | grep Pending
      csr-5ll2g                                        9m9s    kubernetes.io/kube-apiserver-client-kubelet   system:serviceaccount:openshift-machine-config-operator:node-bootstrapper         <none>              Pending
      csr-f8vbl                                        8m24s   kubernetes.io/kube-apiserver-client-kubelet   system:serviceaccount:openshift-machine-config-operator:node-bootstrapper         <none>              Pending

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      assisted-service master at revision af0bafb3f7f629932f8c3dc31ccddedfe6984926
      ocp version: 4.10.0-rc.1

      How reproducible:

      1. Install remote worker node using ztp
      2. Wait for node resource to be created

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Install remote worker node using ztp
      2. Wait for node resource to be created

      Actual results:

      node-bootstrapper and node CSR are not auto-approved and node resource is not created.  The bmh resource remains in registration error

      Expected results:

      node-bootstrapper and node CSR should be auto-approved and node resource created.  The bmh resource should not be in registration error

      Additional info:


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